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– 21 days ago

This is F**kin’ Sick!

At the 2013 Tecate Score Baja 100, driver Adrian “The Wildman” Cenni pulled off a 360 degree barrel roll in a truck. The video is simply awesome.


A HUGE Win for Gamers

The Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit today struck down the FCC’s attempt to enshrine ‘net neutrality’ principles in law. Net neutrality is like much nanny state policy – it seems like a great idea on the surface, but when you dive in, it’s a giant mess. Today’s decision is a big win for online gamers.

50 Years Ago Today, it All Began

1964 brought two things to America – my brother, and The Beatles. Only one of the two would go on to greatness.
Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Introducing the Beatles. Celebrate by spending a couple of minutes enjoying “I Saw Her Standing There”.

New Year, New Pixies EP

The Pixies are out with a new EP as their spring tour gets underway. I am looking forward to the January 26 date here in DC.  If you can’t wait to check them out, download the new EP here or watch the video for Another Toe from EP-1

Why You Should Never, Ever Talk to the Police

Free advice from a criminal defense attorney who tells you to never talk to the police. The best part is a police officer in the audience that confirms he has NEVER had someone talk him out of being arrested based on their interview.

Beat Box Basics

When I learn even a little bit about new things I am always amazed by how much effort goes into even the most mundane task. When I learn about things I find fascinating, that’s even more true. So it is with this tutorial on beat boxing.

Time to Get Weepy

The Olympics are only a month away, so that must mean it’s time for giant companies to use inspirational athletes to make you tear up over things like detergent and toothpaste.