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The Government’s Broadband and Video Competition Quagmire

I have been having discussions on several listservs about broadband and video competition over the last few days. They have led me to the inescapable conclusion there is a tremendous amount of misinformation around telecom. It is also apparent that proponents of net neutrality are doing all they can to muddy the waters.
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Open-Source vs. For-Profit Tech and Activism

So last wek I made a point in my Spectator piece that the GOP has a tech problem, but it’s a tech problem that can be addressed through a significant investment in money and culture.  As I argued, you can address a lot of tech shortcomings if you invest in being better, smarter, and bringing


Anders Bylund: Out Of His Depth

I like to read Ars Technica for their coverage of technology, but Anders Bylund has stepped way outside of his depth and should stick to technology.