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Pop Culture

The Real “Dark Side” in Star Wars

So I stumbled on this cartoon the other day and it has really been bugging me. As a guy who does communications for some reviled industries, I have always said that every side of every issue has an equal right to tell their story and let the people decide.

The Internet

The Government’s Broadband and Video Competition Quagmire

I have been having discussions on several listservs about broadband and video competition over the last few days. They have led me to the inescapable conclusion there is a tremendous amount of misinformation around telecom. It is also apparent that proponents of net neutrality are doing all they can to muddy the waters.
Good, solid conservatives


More Perspective on Slate’s “News” Reporting

Remember that Slate article that questioned the integrity of Mobile Future while using only advocacy groups funded by Ford to make its case? Well, it turns out that Slate reporter is funded by Ford as well. Take a look.


How the Professional Left Operates: Foundation Funding and Bad Reporting

If you want to understand the web of incestuous self-referential support through which the professional left operates, look no further than this article from Slate. In an article that could be the poster child for demonstrating the left’s funding process, it seems Allan Holmes is unwilling to disclose the common thread running through his writing. That common thread is the Ford Foundation.


Thoughts on Titanfall

The first big title for the Xbox One, and the latest challenger to the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, might just be the best first person shooter ever. It not only meets the hype head on, it beats it down and stomps on its face.


The Militarization Of Police Forces

Welcome to Salinas, California. It’s a community of only 150,000 people and the owner of the military assault vehicle seen here. That’s right, a city of less than a quarter million owns a rolling death machine complete with a machine gun turret on top. Now what the hell would they need that for?


“Gamers for Lag” Strike Again

By providing only mediocre Internet for all, you prevent better services for some. That sounds well and good until you realize, as gamers should, that they NEED better services. This isn’t a random, fleeting desire. This is an absolute necessity.


Explaining DC’s Irrational Fear of Snow

For my friends not in DC, let me explain the city’s tendency to fold like a cheap suit in the face of potential snow. It has noting to do with ACTUAL snow, but rather the potential impact on traffic.
Two years ago April and I had to go into downtown DC at rush hour. The government

This Is Why You’re Stupid To Vote Democrat

This video from “The Robin Hood Tax” in England is a perfect example of how an idea that sounds perfectly reasonable is actually an insidious cancer on society, and why you would be a moron to vote for it.